and Allah said "And proclaim the pilgramage among men; they will come to thee on foot and on every kind of camel. Lean on account of Journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" Surah 22 ~ Al Hajj Part 27

Eid ul Adah



Please leave early to avoid Traffic jams




19th December 2007


Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall, Cambridge




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Car Parking


Queen Annes Car Park is located adjacent to the Hall and is ideal for parking.

Please note:

Car Parks 6, 7 and 8 is ideal for Gents

Car Parks 7. 8 and 9 is ideal for Ladies



Assembly Time


09.15 am


Prayer Time


10.00 am




Main Hall


Ladies and Children


Fenners Gallery (Upstairs)

All involved with Deen-al-Islam would like to wish everyone Eid Mubarack and...