and Allah said "And proclaim the pilgramage among men; they will come to thee on foot and on every kind of camel. Lean on account of Journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" Surah 22 ~ Al Hajj Part 27


The following statement was taken from their website, but the same has been happening in England ~ especially in Cambridge. As requested we have withheld announcing, who the people in the Uk are due to their belife of privacy according to the Gospel of St. Matthews... Allahuakbar

If anyone does wish to communicate with them, please email us and we will happily forward it on your behalf. inshallah or they agreed for you to email directly to

Read their email sent to us by clicking here

The 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus coincides yearly with Ramadan (a holy month of fasting in Islam). This prayer movement (currently coordinated out of France and previously from Australia) calls upon Christians to make a concerted but respectful effort during this time to learn about, pray for and reach out to Muslim neighbors—across the street and around the world.

As Christians we resist the temptation to be caught up in generalizations, anger, hate or fear toward anyone. In the climate following the 9/ 11 tragedy , here is a proven tool to direct our focus more prayerfully and constructively.