and Allah said "And proclaim the pilgramage among men; they will come to thee on foot and on every kind of camel. Lean on account of Journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" Surah 22 ~ Al Hajj Part 27

balad - city

Revealed in Makkah


Bismillah arak maan nira heem, Alhamdhulillahi Rabil Alamin; arak maan nira heem

Laaa 'uqsimu bi - hazaal Balad

Wab anta hillum bi - haazal Balad

Wa waalidinw - wa maa Walaad

Laqad khalaqnal insaana fii Kabad

Ayah sabu al - lany yaqdira alayhi ahad?

Yaquulu ahlaktu maalal lubadaa!

Ayah sabu 'alam yarahuu ahad?

Alam naj al lahu ya - nayn?

Wa lisaananw - wa shafa tayn?

Wa hadaynaahun najdayn?

Falaqtahamal aqabah

Wa maaa 'adraaka mal - 'aqabah?

Fakku raqabah

Aw it - aamun - fii yawmin zii masgabah

Yatiiman - zaa maqrabah

Aw miskiinan - zaa matrabah

Summa kana minallaziina 'aamanuu wa tawaasaw bis sabri wa tawaasaw bil - marhamah

Ulaa - ika As - haabul Maymanah

Wallaziina kafaruu bi ' Aayaatinaa hum As - haabul mash - amah

Alayhim Naarum - musadah


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

No! I do swear by this city

And you are the dweller of this city

And the begetter and that which you begot

Verily, we have created man in to toil and struggle

Who thinks that none has power over him?

And he (boastfully) says I have squandered wealth in abundance!

Does he think no-one sees him?

Did we not assign to him two eyes

And a tongue and two lips

And guided him along the two mountain ways?

But he has not attempted to ascent

What will convey to you , what the ascent is?

(It is) to free a slave

And to feed in the day of hunger,

An orphan relative

or some poor person in misery

And to be of those who believe and exhort one another to perseverance and exhort one another to (taking) pity

Their place will be on the right hand

But those who disbelieve our revelations their place will be on the left hand

Fire will be an awning on them


This early Makkan Surah shows the relationship between through the ages sacred city of Makkah and the Prophet (pbuh). He was born there and upon begining to preach, the City and its Custodians shunned him and cast him out . A sacred city that had no compassion amongst the idolators.