and Allah said "And proclaim the pilgramage among men; they will come to thee on foot and on every kind of camel. Lean on account of Journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" Surah 22 ~ Al Hajj Part 27

quraysh - people of makkah

Revealed in Makkah


Bismillah arak maan nira heem, Alhamdhulillahi Rabil Alamin; arak maan nira heem

Liilla fi Qurayshin

Lilla fihim rihlatash shitaa - i was-sayf

Fai-ya buduu Rabba hazal bayt

Alllazi at - amahum minjuu inw-wa aamanahum - min khawf


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

For the taming of the Quraysh

For their tamming (we cause) the caravans to set forth in winter or summer

So let them worship the Lord of this house

Who has fed them against hunger and has made them safe from fear

This early Makkan Surah defines how the people of Makkah were enriched by the gift of trade and security and how they were able to carry on trading through the year. Surely they ought to have adored the one true god and accepted his message.