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Our Reverts: Many brothers and sisters are often involved in dawah. We have two dedicated brothers that can be seen on Saturday at the City Centre Many people as a result do take the Shahdah. What is often not realised that most help is required at the point of taking shahdah. With consultation with iera, who do a lot wonderful with work reverts. It is our aim to make sure we do the right thing by all converting and existing reverts in our community We have Sunday study sessions for Reverts at Masjid Al Ikhlas, Cambridge What can you expect from us: On taking the Shahdah, we will provide you with a Shahdah Certificate that will be required should you need to go on Hajj in Mecca There are members of the Masjid that will guide and help you Insha’Allah
There is much pleasure in serving the Ummah for the sake of Allah Subhana’Talla.
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There are many New Muslims Instagram accounts. Check out #reverts.journal #nurdeentv #reverted_muslims #reverts.journal #revert._stories #muslimrevertuk
What Islam says about minding your own business
Brothers and Sisters Along your journey, you will meet Muslims that can comeacross harshly and critically. Do Not be perturbed by them. Your only duty is to please Allah and Allah alone. As for these trolls that are often refered to as “The Haram Police” are sadly responsible for putting many new muslims off. The famous singer Cat Stevens now known as Yusuf Islam said “He was glad he found Islam before he met Muslims”. Majotrity Muslims are friendly and welcoming but as with everything you also get some that we can only say May Allah guide them
Good Advice, follow your heart in Allah’s way without trying to compare yourself to existing muslims
The minute you take the shahdah, it is life changing, no differnt to much in life. Don’t let be a struggle. There is help and support available and you are not alone.
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Christmas and New Muslim struggles especially where families are concerned. The general concensus is that the birth of Jesus (Esa al Islam) occured when the dates were ripe. This occurs between June and July. It’s a known fact that Christmas was moved to December to coincide with the Pagan festival of Winter Solitice to encourage them to accept Christianity