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Processes attached to salaah

Make abulation before the time of the Adhan (Call of Prayer) preferabally at a Mosque. If there has been sexual activity then a bath (Ghusal) is required to be done before leaving home. It is recomended to pray in a Mosque as per the Prayer time table however if that isn’t possible. Prayer can be done anywhere clean (Carrying a small prayer mat or a foldable travel prayer mat is often helpful) Please click on the icons to watch the linked videos Adhan - Call to prayer Abulution or as it’s called Wudhu Salaah There are five mandatory prayers, that are prayed at specified times. Most people also pray Sunnah prayer (These are extra prayers that the Prophet prayed) and Nafil Paryers Correcting your Salaah As humanbeings, we are not perfect and make mistakes. The attached video shows you how to correct your salaah
There is much pleasure in serving the Ummah for the sake of Allah Subhana’Talla.
Salaah Timetable for Masjid Al Ikhlas, Cambridge
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How did Salaah come about?